Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Green Smoothie Recipe

Remember my other green smoothie? We've been making them a lot around here. We try to change it up a bit every time, just to see what we like best. The other day I bought a few bunches of other types of greens. I set out to make a smoothie this morning and got all the greens in the blender and I realized I was out of pineapple juice. I didn't even have any cans of crushed, tidbits, or chunk pineapple. I usually use that as my base with the greens. It helps a ton with the flavor and texture.

Well, I had to improvise.

Here's what went into my blender today (in order):
It was soooo yummy! I think it's the yummiest yet!

(The only crazy thing that happened to us while making it was my baby [20 month-old] turned the switch on the blender while I was washing the swiss chard, but the lid was only half way on. We had quite the mess to clean up. It was on the blinds, window, counter, wall, blender, grain mill next to it, the baby, me, cupboards, etc... you get the idea. Cooking with kids can be fun. But, you always have to expect the unexpected. And expect to make time for cleaning up A LOT more as you go...)

If you try this, let me know what you think.


  1. Two of my sisters love their green smoothies. I still haven't tried their recipes, but someday I will and I will try this one.

    I think my hair is about the same length as yours and mine is driving me crazy too. But yours does not look gnarly. In fact, on Sunday I was noticing how lucky Whitney is because she has nice, beautiful, thick hair like you.

  2. Oh that's funny! I was trying to think of when I saw you at church. Then I remembered that you sat behind us during sacrament meeting. I remembered that because I was trying to find the alto part in the songs and I was following you when you were singing it. :-)