Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing with Kids - part 1

Santa gave my 7 y-o a sewing machine. While Grandma (my mother-in-law) was here during the holidays, we made some time to sew with her! They made a girly cover for my daughter's boring computer chair. She did an awesome job and actually did a lot of it herself. She learned how to make a casing for elastic. The fabric we used was just from a pink sheet we bought at Ikea for $2.




  1. So does Whitney want to teach me how to sew? Obviously she can sew better than I can. :)

    Cute Valentines. I saw someone else that did that too and thought it was a great idea. Oh, and I procrastinate going to the post office too.

  2. So impressive for a 7 year old.

    Darling Valentines. That is such a cute idea!!!

    I started making a heart garland just like that but I just wasn't able to get it finished. Yours turned out so cute. I love your new hair.

  3. I LOVE the garland! I have seen that around different "crafty" sites. Maybe I will start making one around the 4th of July! Oh and too funny on the valentines. I totally was checking out your crafty blog roll and I stumbled on the one that had those CUTE valentines card ideas. We did this too! So cute, so easy, so fast....what's NOT to love!

  4. Very, very cute. I love the picture of them working together.

  5. I should have taken advantage of your sewing knowledge more while I was in AZ. And how fun to be able to share that passion for sewing with your daughter.

    Those valentines are so stinkin cute. I will definitely be making those next year.

  6. Does she want to make one for my chair? So impressive!