Monday, February 22, 2010

Outing #3 & 4 with the Shoes

Friday night is date night. We were planning to go running together last Friday. My husband and I are both training for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, in June. We rarely get to run together, and since I'm also training for the Ragnar Relay Del Sol, this coming weekend, I thought it would be fun to run our scheduled 10 1/2 miles together. We can only do that when we have a baby sitter.

Earlier that afternoon, my sister-in-law asked us if we wanted to go to see the movie, The Lightning Thief. Originally I said no, because we were running. When I told my husband, hours later, he said, "I think we could go, and run later. Maybe Saturday." So that's what we did.

I wore the shoes (and the same, matching shirt) to Cafe Rio and the movie theater. The movie was great! That's about the perfect level of scary/suspense for me. I was even tense enough through the whole thing, that my husband's hand hurt and my neck could've seriously used a massage after wards. My 9 y-o saw it a week ago (before me) and he LOVED it. My 7 y-o would have had nightmares for the next year, had she seen it. It was my second time at Cafe Rio (I can't believe I've lived here for 5 years, and never went until a few weeks ago)! I am in LOVE with Cafe Rio! (I'm so grateful to some friends who introduced us to it!)

The fourth time I wore the shoes was two days ago, to church. I didn't take any pictures, but my friend, Amy, gave my ugly toes a beautiful paint job. (Thanks so much, Amy!) (I should still take pictures of them, soon.)


  1. I might be able to convince Jason to run a mile with me. But that would be pushing it. That's cool you are doing a marathon with Grant.

  2. Wow 10 1/2 miles. That is really great of you two. I want to see the Lightening Thief. I read the book when Tyler started reading it.

  3. Hey good lucky with the Marathons! How fun to do it with Grant- Tyler hates to run. Cute shoes too! love you lena!

  4. I've been stopping by your blog every now & then after seeing on Thelma's blog that you were the next in line to wear the traveling shoes, but I haven't commented yet to say hi (Sorry about that! I'm trying to be better about leaving comments!) Anyways, it looks like you've had some great outings w/ the shoes...and that top looks like it was made to go with them! It's been fun to see the adventures of the shoes, and to discover new blogs as they travel from one person to the next!

  5. You are one hard core runner. Still haven't started running yet. Oh well.

    I still have never been to Cafe Rio. We are fans of Costa Vida which I hear is very similar to Cafe Rio.

    Love the shoes!

  6. In the 7 years that I lived in AZ I only went to Cafe Rio once. The salad dressing ended up being to spicy for me. I'm a wimp when it comes to spicey food and I'm not big on Mexican food, so anywayssss...

    The Ragnar is this weekend? Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it. I think it's great you guys are being so active and running together.

    We miss you. When grant called earlier this month I got my hopes up thinkin maybe you guys were maybe coming here to visit or something. I was way off. Oh well.

    Have fun at the Ragnar!

  7. I've never been to Cafe Rio. I'm thinking I need to go!

    We haven't seen that movie yet, but since John and Ben have read all the books I promised them we'd go as a family once it hit the dollar theatre.

  8. I love Cafe Rio. We have a recipe for the pork if you're interested! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes! I would so buy a pair just like that. What a fun blog! Good luck with the running!

  9. You really like that sweater with those shoes, huh?