Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got bored (for a bit) with piecing the zig zag quilt. (I'm sooo slow at quilting. Ugh!) So, I needed a new small project. Over Thanksgiving weekend I decided to use a few scraps from the zig zag quilt to make a Christmas banner. I had some cream felt leftover from making the birthday crown awhile ago. I wanted the felt to be thick so I double it. I then decided it should be reversible. I was going to put another Christmas word on the other side, but thought maybe I should go with a word from a neighboring season/holiday. So, the other side says "Fall" with a fabric leaf on the extra square. I hung it on the mirror in my living room. The only thing I don't really like about that is that you see the fall colors and letters. Oh well.

I free handed the letters on parchment paper and traced them on the fabric. My artistic husband helped me. :)

I used dark green thread to zig zag around the letters (before I attached the Fall letters felt squares to the back).

Easy peasy! But, I thought it would be a two-hour-or-under project. Nope. Not for me. I'm slow! I also broke a needle and stuff like that. When I was done, I was happy with it, but wished I had spent the time quilting instead.


  1. You are such a crafty mama! It's very cute, and where did you finally find spare time?

    And don't feel too bad about it taking a while to get done. It always takes me WAY longer than I expect when I do projects, or anything for that matter. I'm kind of liking the fact that I'm livin somewhere, where it's exeptable to move like molasses.

  2. Lol!! I should move to OK! Just yesterday I was thinking about how slow I am at everything.

    Oh, and I didn't really find spare time. Grant made some for me. He said, "Go in our room and spend some time sewing. I'll take care of the kids. We'll be fine!" What a great guy!