Thursday, October 8, 2009

King for a Day

Happy 4th Birthday, Buddy! We love you!
(Poor guy, was sick on his birthday. He had to celebrate it many days later.)

This little man really makes life fun around our house. He's always making us laugh... he's always laughing himself. He loves to run around and jump off the couch (and anything else). He loves to climb and seems to have no fear. He LOVES babies. Especially ones that are the same age as his baby sister (so, I guess it's always changing). He runs right up to babies, where ever we are, and gets down at their level and right in their face and says, "Hehe. Hi, Baby!" and then hugs them. He loves trains! He has Geotrax and he plays with them almost every day. He likes to build "the biggest track in the world"! We are so blessed to have this guy in our family. :-)

On a side note: I made this felt crown, worn by the birthday boy, for a Sharing time skit for Primary a few months ago. When I was making it, I remembered seeing a crown at Cakies and I thought of what a fun "birthday crown" it would be. (Though mine is not nearly as cute as hers. Mine looks like a Pope hat in the pictures. But I assure you, it has more of a crown look in person.) So, I put velcro on it and made it small enough to fit our baby's head, and big enough to fit my husband's head. So we'll all get a chance to wear it on our birthday!


  1. OK I'm going to catch up on all my comments!

    I, too, love this crown idea. And the adjustable velcro for all family members - good thinking! I wonder if Jason would wear it??? hahahaha

    I totally want to make conference cakes. Maybe we'll just have to think up a sooner occasion, cuz I don't want to wait another 6 months before I get to eat one.

    Yay peach-mango salsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm almost famous! :)

    Love, Amy

    P.S. Thanks for your huge side bar of crafty blogs. I've been having fun poking around them here and there!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Amy! We make the conference cakes on Christmas morning too, and call them Christmas cakes. They are such a treat that we only have them three times a year.

    I thought about posting the peach-mango salsa recipe, but thought I should ask you first. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with me. (But, I'd hardly call you famous for a mention of it on MY blog. Ha)! :-)

    Have any other fun blog suggestions for my sidebar?