Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Yeah, I know... we still have two months until Christmas. But, I have some things I've been wanting. So, why not wait until Christmas, huh?! Here are some things I'm hoping for: (Santa, are you reading this??)

  1. new running shoes
  2. a grain mill/wheat grinder
  3. a water bottle belt (may look like a "fanny pack") - I hope I can last that long. My long runs may get too long before Christmas to wait...
  4. ChiRunning (my own copy!)
  5. Dave Ramsey books for kids

There will likely be some changes to this list in the next few months, but it's a good start!

What's your wish list??


  1. Great list. Mine is some hair products. A new camera (which I will definitely not be getting). Some sewing/embroidery books. I can't really think of anything else but I'm sure I will.

  2. I'll have to check out that chirunning book.

    I want, a swing set (for the kids, not me), new couches, a new camera, and money for decorating my new house, and pressure canner, juice maker, and new weight set. Guess how much of that I'll be getting...You got it -0- (: