Monday, April 12, 2010

Disneyland 2010

*This picture was not taken at Disneyland. It was taken by my 7-year-old daughter, at a park in San Diego, the day before we went to Disneyland. I just thought it was a fun picture of me and my kids. And I was also so impressed with my daughter's photography skills. We'll be sending her out to make her own money soon. ;-)

I really do need to get better at posting more often. I used to blog a few times a week. I don't know what happened. Oh wait, yes. Yes I do. I got pregnant. I got tired. Oh, so tired! When I used to blog at night after the kids went to bed, now I zonk out. So here I find myself spending the morning hours blogging, instead of doing laundry and dishes or playing with my kids!!

Oh well. Let the guilt go, right? Maybe I will be less tired soon... in the 2nd trimester. Or, when I stop training for a half marathon. Or... no longer have little kids. Well, since I can't wait for the last one, I'll just have to do the best I can for now.

So here's some pictures from our Disneyland trip on April 2nd: (They are in no particular order, and with no captions, because I am too lazy... or tired.... But, I figure if you really want an explanation about something, you can just ask and I'll respond. Sound good? Thanks.)

We really did have a blast at Disneyland. It was everyone's first time, except for me. It was fun though, because I hadn't been for about 13 years. Many things have changed. We managed to only spend $135 for admission (total for a family of 6), $14 for parking, and $0 in the park for food! I really loved that we could bring in our own food! And since I never take my kids to McDonalds, we told them if they didn't ask for any souvenirs or food from the food stands, etc... the whole day, that we would take them to McDonalds for happy meals on the way home from Disneyland. It totally worked! Except the kids were all asleep before we left the parking garage at 11pm. We ended up going to McD's on our drive home to AZ two days later. That was good enough for them! :-)

P.S. I also thought I should mention that the reason why I look really frumpy in all these pictures is because I was trying to hide the fact that I was pregnant, so I could go on all the big rides. I was approved by my midwife, to go on the big rides, if I was feeling okay. Since I don't usually get sick during my pregnancies (yeah, I know, lucky me.) I was good to go. I wanted to wear something that would hide my growing belly a bit better. The shirt I wore did the trick. I felt bad a few times, when I'd see the signs that said, "Expectant mothers should not ride this ride." But then I reminded myself that I was only about 10 weeks along. If I was more than about 15 weeks, I would not be riding them. Right?

Has anyone else been on roller coasters when they were pregnant?


  1. I just got off the phone with Jason about 5 minutes ago and we were talking about going to Disneyland. I know Clara would love it. How'd you manage to only pay $135 for admission?? Looks like a fun and tiring day.

  2. Anna, Camilla was free and three of our tickets were free through the Give-A-Day, Get-A-Day program they had earlier this year. All of those service opportunities went fast and I believe the program is over. It was great though. We wouldn't have planned a trip to Disneyland without having saved that much money.

    Clara would be at a really fun age to go right now. Now, and then again in a few years when she'll probably like all the big rides, too. Have fun!

  3. That's so exciting that you guys got to go to Disneyland. I'd love to take my kids someday, but that probably won't happen for a while. It looks like you guys had a great time.

    So you guys are totally invited to come visit us anytime. I was hoping that maybe we could come to AZ not this summer but the next for a visit. We miss everyone.

    And I do not know anyone who has ridden a rollercoaster pregnant, but I do know a woman who water skied all through out her pregnancy.

  4. We went to disneyland in Dec and it was so much fun, ditto for McD's such a treat for our guys, however their Nanny is starting to make it "their" thing!
    Congrats on the pregnancy, I'm amazed you have all the energy you do have!
    Oh, and yep went on a few rides, had massages, and other things while prego that were against the "norm". Both babes turned out a-okay!

  5. I'm just catching up on your blog. I love the way you told your kids about the baby coming! So fun!

    Your Disneyland pictures look great. I love that place. It really is so magical. When we were in Sea World and Legoland over spring break I tried to get on the little kiddie rides, not even the big roller coasters. Sea World wouldn't let me on anything (except that morning when I had a jacket on and they couldn't tell). Legoland was better. I didn't try the big roller coasters but I was already like 28 weeks. If I was you (only 10 weeks) I would have gone on all the rides. No worries!