Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wii Wii Wii, All the Way Home

Don't really know why I titled it that. I just thought it was kinda funny... er... cheesy. Oh well.

So yeah. Umm. For Christmas my family got a Wii from my in-laws. I was super hesitant. Okay, I guess I should clarify. We got some money from my in-laws and we could do what we want with it. In the past we have chosen to get a few annual passes to places like the zoo and museums and such. This year, with much apprehension on my part, my husband went all out and bought a wii for our family.

Of course being the psycho-path, paranoid mother that I am, I was worried about fights over the wii, chores and homework left undone, and tv/wii zombie kids (that never do anything else and never read again therefore flunk the third grade, etc.). Well I expressed my concerns with my husband many times before Christmas. Since he knew this was important to me but also knew I never have time to sit down and come up with rules, he came up with them on his own and presented them to me! (What a wonderful man I have!) I LOVE the rules he came up with. I also think it was dang clever of him to add the "ii" to words that end in a long "e" sound. Funny guy.

So, without further ado: Our family's rules about the wii:

Wii Harmonii for the Anderson Home

  1. The Wii belongs to EVERYONE in our familii. Wii are sharing The Wii.
  2. The Wii is for FUN!

  1. When wii spend time with The Wii wii will be polite to each other. Yelling, arguing, hitting, fighting, or crying will result in an offence.
  2. The Wii's controllers will bii treated respectfullii. This means wearing the wristbands and using the controllers gentlii and with care. Disrespecting the controller is an offence.
  3. The Wii games will be handled carefully by big kids and put away in their cases when not in use. Treating games improperly is an offence.
  • For the first offence on each day, have to stop playing for 15 minutes or do a chore.
  • For the second offence, you have to stop playing for an hour or do a chore.
  • For the third offence, you cannot play for the rest of the day and do a chore.
    * chores will be chosen by mom or dad or babysitter

Play Time:
  1. The Wii may only be played when the living room, kitchen and kids bedrooms are clean; and the dishes are done.
  2. If we have homework and/or chores, wii only play when mom or dad say those are done too.
  3. The Wii may be used on school night’s onlii with permission from a parent.
  4. The Wii will bii left alone on school days before school.
  5. The Wii will not be played on Sundays.
  • If you try to start the wii or are playing during a time when you're not supposed to be playing, you are banned for that day (or the next eligible day).

Fine Print:

1. Punishments are to bii determined by mom and dad only. They have absolute control to extend privileges or assign punishments at their sole discretion for any reason.
2. The kids will try to be reasonable and not play when there are other fun things to do or when there is work to do.
3. Older kids will bii nice to younger kids, teach those who don't know how to play, and play 'kids games' when younger kids are present.
4. Older kids and parents will let the younger kids win (throw the game) sometimes just to make it fun.
5. Parents will try to bii reasonable and allow the kids to play when they have earned it.
6. Parents will give a five minute warning when it's time to turn off the Wii. Players should use this time to finish or save their game. After this five minutes, the parents can turn off the Wii as abruptlii as they want.







We are having a lot of fun with the wii. And so far, so good with the rules. There are some times that my kids are little punks when I law down the law... but it's okay.


  1. Wii LOVE the Wii! I too had MAJOR hesitations before getting it for many of the reasons you listed. I never thought we would be a gaming family. However, the Wii is such a family game and it is an active game system. I like your Wii rules. We have "rules" we need to post them. I will bii adding some of your Wii rules too. BTW, we got Wii Fit Plus and just got Wii EA active. I really enjoy those and so do the kids. It gets them of their heiny's and at least doing some exercise while having fun!

  2. I thought about getting a wii for christmas too, but didn't for two reasons. 1. I didn't want to spend a lot of money this year and 2. I didn't want to feed Smith and Adelaide's video game addiction. By the time everything was said and done I had spent way more money than planned and could've just got the wii. I was bummed I didn't (and so was Smith) But I promised him that if he could show me that he can only play video games on the weekends (friday and Saturday) all year then I promise he can get a wii for Christmas next year. So those are our rules. Video games only on the weekends, and I don't monitor the time because it's only two days and he spends all day friday in school and he spends a lot of time reading, doing chores, and homework on the week days.

    That turned out to be a really long post. Sorry. I am jealous you have a wii though.