Sunday, September 27, 2009

My First 1/2 Marathon!

I'm kind of embarrassed to even post this. But, I am so excited that I reached my goal of running a half-marathon that I couldn't resist sharing my joy. When I started my training I didn't have a specific race in mind. Then the soonest I could find one was in November (which I registered for a long time ago). I felt like registering for a race was my only way of keeping myself really committed. Since I had started my training in the summer I knew I would be ready by the end of September, which would leave about 6 weeks to improve my speed before the November 1/2. Well, about two or three weeks ago I was searching for races again and I found a small race a couple hours away from my house. I decided to go for it, since I would be ready for it that very weekend.

It was so much fun and SOO hard. While I was running, I was telling myself I would never run this course again. I will definitely run another half marathon, but never that course. I have now changed my mind. I think I wouldn't mind trying that course again next year, if they have it there. The course was on a gravel/dirt road with a five-mile-long hill that increased in 1000 feet of elevation. It was crazy. I ran the whole thing, just to say I did... but I was wondering (as I was babystep running up the hill) if it would've been faster to walk with big hiking steps instead. I think I would do that next time. But, for my first half-marathon I really wanted to run the whole thing.

It was fun. I ran slow and my finishing time showed that. But, at least there will be a definite time to improve on - it will be easy to accomplish that. I wasn't the last one to finish! I had to pee so bad during the race and knew there was a bathroom somewhere along the way. I ran for at least four miles, having to pee. I finally asked someone and they said I had already passed it. When I got to the turnaround point, I headed up into the woods for a minute and went behind a tree. Hopefully no one was camping close by...

This is at the starting line.

Here I am, finishing.

I wore a skort that I had been thinking about getting for months. I am not as impressed with it, now that I have it. In fact, after seeing the race pictures, I wish I hadn't worn it for the race. Oh well. Running skorts aren't all they're cracked up to be. But maybe that's just with me and my legs... ;-)

I can hardly wait for the next half-marathon and I plan to train for a full marathon early next year! Woohoo!

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  1. This is awesome! How did you get started? I wish I could get fit again...but it seems like such a challenge with 3 boys! Have you always been a runner?