Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doll Quilts

About two months ago, I finally bought myself a darning foot for my sewing machine. I didn't know it would be so cheap (under $4)!! I should've bought one years ago! I could've been "free motion" quilting for years. I haven't quilted in years. I guess it's probably because I have been busy with little ones. Well, that's not exactly a good excuse, since there are plenty young moms out there that find time to quilt and sew and craft. They're just the supermom types! But... not this mama!

So, back to the doll quilts. I bought the darning foot to try my hand at stippling a quilt. Yahoo!! It was so much easier than I thought it would be (you should totally try it, if you haven't yet)! It was so much fun. I sat in my kitchen until 1am the first time I tried it, and I was so giddy as I was moving my quilt all around under the needle! My husband must have thought I was so silly as he was listening to me from the other room.

I thought making doll quilts would be a good way to practice my piecing again and for sure on practicing the stippling. My girls would be less critical of my early mistakes, than anyone else would be. So here are my first two doll quilts. I hope to make some more, before I start making baby quilts again, and eventually twin quilts for my kids beds.

Here's the first one I made (don't know why the broken pencil made it's way into the picture):

And a closer look (don't look too close. It was my first time. Go easy on me):

Here's the second one I made:

The back of the second one:

A little more of a close-up, to show a little more of the stippling:

The second quilt I made is adapted from the whirly giggle quilt I saw on Crazy Mom Quilts blog. It would've been all whirly giggles and less white, except the border maybe. But. I wasn't thinking when I cut the fabric. I had my fabric facing back sides together and the whirly's were sewing opposite. It wouldn't have worked out right. Bummer. Oh well. Now I have enough of the other that I can make another quilt! :-)

The first one I made, the stippling was much too small (in my opinion). The second one was a little better. It looks fine for a doll quilt size. These pictures were both taken pre-washed. They looked very scrunchy/crumbly/quilty after being washed. Yum!

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  1. cute doll quilts!
    And thanks for the great comment on MADE.
    You're so right about summers with your kids. I'm glad you're making it fun for them instead of slaving away on your machine too.
    Have a great weekend!