Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spare time = quilting. Now I just need to find "Spare Time"!

Seriously! Do you remember me talking about wanting to make a Christmas quilt for my husband's boss' family? Well, Christmas is right around the corner and all I've done so far is order the fabric and wash it. It's been patiently waiting there on the shelf, for weeks, to be cut and pieced! I was just waiting for all of the craziness of October to end (not really on purpose. I just never found "Spare Time"). I guess I did think to myself that the beginning of November will be less busy and I'd find the time!

We're in NOVEMBER! It doesn't look good for me and that quilt!! I need a whole Saturday to myself, my cutting tools, and my machine! I don't see that happening this month though.

Enough rambling. Sorry.

I bought Moda's Figgy Pudding for the fabric...

and I want to do a zigzag quilt similar to these:

(found here at Film in the Fridge)
{I'm seriously loving her blog. I just found it. She inspiring in the quilting department. Very talented!}

(found here at A Quilt is Nice)
{Also a very talented quilter. I've learned a lot from her blog. She has beautiful stuff.}

I really hope it doesn't take me too long to make this quilt. I hope to be able to show you some pictures of progress very soon! And, if you see Spare Time can you tell him to stop by my house, please?! I need him!

P.S. Did you notice I was successful with my posting of pictures from other sites?? Yay! Thanks for your help. :-)


  1. I love those fabrics!!! I've made a few quilts but it was years ago!!! In fact I have all the fabric for a Christmas quit sitting in a bag and its been that way for about 5 years! I keep telling myself that SOMEDAY I'll have time for quilting again. But keeping looking for spare time because I'd love to see that quilt!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! I know what you mean, with spare time. I'm so swamped with photo shoots, I don't know how I'm gonna find time to sew Christmas presents. I guess I could cut out blogging....nah!

  3. That will make for a really pretty quilt.

    I wish I wasn't leaving so soon. Then I'd be able to help you out with that spare time thing. Did I tell you we have a moving date now? Ian will be here in 13 days. It's crunch time.